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Hi, I'm Alicia, creating my own sewing website has been my passion for the last couple of years. I love sewing and helping others enjoy the hobby. I create sewing guides and review different sewing machines so you can get the best help to start or carry on your sewing journey.

Hi, I am Alicia and I help others advance their sewing skills.

Something about me

I was raised in the state of New York, ever since I was a child I have been sewing by hand and creating amazing projects. For the last five years, I’ve spent my time using different sewing machine to see how they can benefit me the most. 

Over the past few years I’ve been creating amazing projects and selling them on ebay, it’s always been a passionate hobby of mine and it makes my life content. 

How can I help you?

Your here for something right?  You want to learn more about sewing or get some tips! Well that’s what this website was built for. I share some of my most amazing tips that I have learned from other professionals in the sewing industry. Give my posts a read, i’m sure there will be many useful sewing hacks you have never seen before!

GeneratePress provides me the freedom to be more creative whilst accelerating my build times . Viva Liberte
Alice Soames

Recent writing

How to Make Seams for Special Materials

Seams on Leather

Seams for Special Materials With the right knowledge, you will have no trouble even when working with fabrics that at first glance look problematic. Very thin or very thick, there is a solution for everything, and it’s sometimes easier than you think. Very Thin Fabrics Use french seams. Sometimes very thin fabrics do not slide…

How to Embroider Jeans: Sewing Project

How to embroider your jeas

Sewing Project: Embroidered Jeans Knowing how to embroider jeans is a useful skill in sewing. Let’s face it, jeans are common everywhere so being able to embroid jeans will give you a unique look. Below we have created a simple guide on the best ways to embroider your jeans.  Note: Knowing how to a sew…