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Just starting your sewing journey?  Or maybe your looking for sewing machine guides to add to your additional sewing knowledge? Well whatever you are here for, we have great content that we think you will appreciate. Some things we write about are in-depth reviews, buyers guides, comparisons, recommendations, informational articles and more. We make sure that we provide better content than anyone else.

If you are confused about where to start, then we highly recommend you check out the beginners section. It contains all the informational guides that beginners need to start their sewing journey as efficiently as possible.

At Quilted Sewing, we are proud to be experts at quilting. We have done everything, from teaching beginners how to quilt, to creating our very own unique projects. You may think we have learned a thing or two a long the way, but it’s much more than that. We have tried and tested a massive range of sewing machines, and we think its important to teach the world about the best models and how they performed. So if you are a quilter, then you will definetly want to check out the quilting area, where we talk about everything related to quilting.