Brother XR3140 Sewing Machine Review | Pros & Cons

Brother is one of the most popular and trusted electronic brands out there. This company was founded back in 1908 and right now it is operating its business in almost every country around the world. While there are many products of Brother Electronics available out there, this brand is pretty popular because of its high-quality sewing machines.

Brother XR3140 Sewing Machine

Brother XR3140 Computerized Sewing Machine 140 Built-in Stitches,...

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You too might have heard about Brother sewing machines and if you are thinking of buying a sewing machine for yourself, then you can consider buying a sewing machine from Brother. There are many models available out there but only some of them are as popular as Brother XR3140.

Brother XR3140 Sewing Machine Review

Here in this post, we are going to review Brother XR3140 and will tell you everything about this machine. Do not worry about anything because we have focused on both the pros and cons of this machine and then prepared this post. Even if you are looking for the Brother XR3140 sewing machine manual, then you can consider reading this post as we have provided a link to download it as well.

Just for the information, we have also embed Brother sewing machine XR3140 video guide to know about different features of this machine. If you are thinking of buying the Brother XR3140 sewing machine, then you should definitely read this post till the end.

Brother XR3140 Sewing Machine Features

1) Best Basic Sewing Machine

Brother XR3140 is a mid-ranged sewing and quilting machine that is the perfect choice under $200. This is basically a computerized sewing machine that is suitable for all light to medium fabric needs. If you are looking for sewing machines for home, then you can consider buying this machine. Other machines of the same price range might not offer the same features that Brother XR3140 offers. So if you are thinking of buying a sewing machine for home and basic use, then we will recommend you to buy Brother XR3140 computerized sewing machine without thinking twice.

2) LCD Display Panel & LED Light

Since Brother XR3140 is a computerized sewing machine, you will also get a backlit LCD display panel on it that can be used to review the settings of the sewing machine, even in low-light conditions. If you are programming the alphanumerical characters, then you will need to see it on the LCD seen.

While sewing the dark fabrics and in low-light conditions, you can turn on its bright LED light which is placed just above the needle. For a basic sewing machine, having these two features is definitely worth the price as these features can’t be found even in some high-end sewing machines.

Brother XR3140 LED Lights

3) Built-in Stitches & Buttonholes

This machine has got 140 built-in quilting and sewing stitches that can be used with just a simple click. With this machine, you will get a detachable wide table out of the box that can be used while working on big projects or with large fabrics. You don’t need specific machines like leather sewing machines when you have this. You will be able to enjoy 8 one-step auto-size buttonholes feature too in Brother XR3140. Well, the latest model of Brother XR3140 has also got 55 alphanumeric characters that can be combined with the sewing font. You might need to refer to the Brother XR3140 manual to find out how this program actually works.

Brother XR3140 Built-in Stitches

4) Advanced and Useful Features

Not only this but you will also get some highly-advanced and useful features like automatic threading, one-click stitch selector, a sewing speed controller, advanced feed system, and many more in this machine. Brother XR3140 allows you to lower the feed dogs so it comes handy in free-motion quilting too.

This machine has got a drop-in top bobbin system which is further protected by a clear cover. You can always see the bobbin to check how much you are running out of the thread. This machine is simple but it has got plenty of useful features that make it a perfect choice for beginners.

Brother XR3140 Automatic Needle Threader

5) 9 Types of Sewing Feet

You will also get different accessories with this machine that includes 9 different types of accessory feet. Not every basic sewing machine comes with these accessories so this is definitely an advantage that you can enjoy with this sewing machine. You can use them for different purposes and we have mentioned the list below.

  1. Sprint action zig-zag foot.
  2. Blind stitch foot.
  3. Zipper foot.
  4. Buttonhole foot.
  5. Button sewing foot.
  6. Overcasting foot.
  7. Monogramming foot.
  8. 1/4″ piecing foot.
  9. Quilting foot.

Brother XR3140 Speed Control

Pros: Brother XR3140
  • 140 built-in stitches.
  • 8 one-step buttonholes.
  • 9 types of accessory feet.
  • Bright built-in LED light.
  • Large LCD display panel.
  • Detachable wide table.
  • Jam resistant drop-in top bobbin.
  • A perfect machine for light to medium fabrics.
  • Automatic needle threader.
  • Adjustable sewing speed.
Cons: Brother XR3140
  • Not suitable for thick fabrics.
  • Experts might not find it useful.
  • Only for basic sewing and quilting.

FAQs: XR3140 Brother Sewing Machine

How Do I Use The Brother Sewing Machine XR3140?

Brother XR3140 machine is made specially for beginners and novice users who don't know much about sewing and quilting. This machine is perfect for home use and if you don't need a sewing machine for heavy usage like free motion quilting, then you can consider using Brother XR3140.

The user manual that comes with the machine shows all basic features but you can also refer to the online manual that tells you everything in detail. You can read this manual before buying the machine so you can know if it fits your needs or not.

What Accessories Comes With XR3140?

Apart from 9 accessory feet, there are many more accessories that come out of the box with Brother XR3140 sewing machine. Even though the motor of this machine is powerful but if you will combine the accessories with it, then you can increase its working efficiency. Here are some more accessories that you will get with this machine:
Bobbins (4).

  • Seam ripper.
  • Needle set.
  • Twin needle.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Spool caps (3).
  • Foot control pedal.
  • Instructional DVD and operation manual.
Model Name Brother XR3140
Machine Type Computerized
Suitable For Sewing and Quilting
Weight 17.81 Pounds
Dimensions 20.1 x 15.5 x 13.4 inches
Warranty 25-years limited warranty

How Do I Fix My XR3140 Sewing Machine?

In the box, you will get a user manual with this machine that can be used to fix all basic problems. Moreover, you can also search for your problem on YouTube to find guides about it. You will also get a 25-year limited warranty with this sewing machine so in case you are facing any issues with it, then you can ask the Brother company to get it repaired without paying any single penny.

Is Brother XR3140 Best Sewing Machine?

Well, there are tons of great sewing machines from Brother available out there and XR3140 is among them. Though, if you have a budget of around $150-$200 then the XR3140 sewing machine from Brother is definitely the best option you can buy right now. This machine has got a lot of useful features that can't be found in any other sewing machine of other brands.

How To Use Brother XR3140 Video Guide

Final Words

So this is all about Brother XR3140 and we hope you have found this Brother XR3140 sewing machine reviews useful. There are many machines available out there in the price range of Brother XR3140, but only a few of them are as good as this machine.

We will post our reviews on different sewing machines on this blog, so keep visiting Quilted Sewing to read about them. If you have used this machine before or you think we have missed something about this machine, then let us know about it via the comments below.

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