Best Brother Sewing Machines 2019

    Brother is one of the most prestigious sewing machine manufacturers on the market. The brand has been in the market for over 60 years and has been adapting to the needs of its consumers ever since. Unlike other manufacturers such as Singer, Brother is a manufacturer that not only produces sewing machines: it also has products in its catalog such as printers, markers, scanners, and fax machines.

    About Brother Sewing Machines

    The philosophy of the brand is defined with the phrase “at your side” since its inception has worked developing products and patents that facilitate the work with their machines.

    One of the main features of Brother sewing machines is their ease of use. The purpose of the brand is to make the complicated simple and facilitate the life of users who use their models of sewing machines. On the other hand, Brother always uses the best materials and finishes which means quality assurance.

    As with any other product, the price of the Brother sewing machine may vary depending on the range we choose. Brother makes inexpensive and more expensive sewing machines for industry professionals.

    Brothers  Brand Models

    Below, we will cover the most important models of sewing machines that Brother have manufactured. If you are specifically looking for a Brother sewing machine, then this will give you a great insight into which one to buy.

    1) Brother CS10 (Best for Starters) 

    It is clear that if you choose to buy a Brother sewing machine you will be making a good decision. If you want a sewing starter model and you’re not sure which model to choose, my recommendation is the Brother CS10 machine, which provides a large number of features at a really competitive price.

    Recently I was able to try this Brother model as I have a friend who has it. What surprised me the most is that it is very quiet and very easy to use, something that other more advanced machines can’t boast about, but they have menus that are not very intuitive. It is also a machine that does not weigh much, so if we have space problems can be a very good option because we can move it comfortably.

    There are many Internet opinions of people who have opted for this model to start in the world of sewing and remain satisfied with their purchase.

    2) Brother KE14S (Best for Safety) 

    This machine is ideal for young people who want to start in the world of sewing and who have parents concerned about their safety. The model is equipped with a finger guard so that it becomes an active safety measure. 

    Although it looks like a toy model, it is a sewing machine capable of making 14 different types of stitches at a very competitive price. 

    3) Brother X14 (Best for Low Budgets) 

    If your budget is very tight and you want to spend the minimum on your new Brother sewing machine, one of your options is the Brother X14, which despite not being as complete a model as the one we recommended above meets the basic characteristics of any amateur sewing.

    Just keep in mind that it is a much simpler machine, however, it has all the basics to start in the world of sewing. The weak point of this model is that it does not have many types of stitches.

    4) Brother RL417 (Best for Low Budget Beginners) 

    This model allows anyone to start in the world of sewing. It is a machine designed for amateurs who want to learn thanks to its competitive price. 

    It is a model that can make 17 different types of stitches.

    5) Brother CX70PE (Great for Complex Fabrics) 

    The Brother CX70PE sewing machine model is one of the most interesting of the brand. It is an electronic machine and has 70 different stitch types. It incorporates a very interesting function: it is possible to operate it without having to press the pedal, thanks to the Start/Stop button.

    This machine is ideal for working with complicated fabrics such as jeans.

    6) Brother LX25 (Great for Tight Budgets) 

    If our budget is somewhat tighter, we should evaluate the Brother LX25. This machine, as its name suggests, allows up to 25 different stitches. It incorporates an LED display and allows you to make 4 types of buttonholes in a single step. 

    It is also a machine that comes very well equipped. 

    7) Brother FS20 (Perfect Entry-Level Model) 

    The Brother FS20 sewing machine is the entry-level model in Brother’s FS range. It is a machine of simple aesthetics that hides a beast under its casing. 

    8) Brother FS40 (Great Free-Arm Sewing Machine) 

    The Brother FS40 is a very interesting machine that is hidden behind a simplistic aesthetic. It is a machine with a free arm that allows you to adjust the width (up to 5mm) and stitch length (up to 7mm). It is also a machine that includes an LCD display that will help us in our tasks. 

    It is a machine with a simple aspect that can be one of the best options to evaluate.

    9) Brother FS100WT (Great for Quilters)

    The Brother FS100WT is a machine specialized in quilting and patchwork. However, it can perform 100 different types of stitches, 8 types of buttonholes thanks to its automatic buttonhole. 

    10) Brother Innovis 27 (Great All-Rounder)

    With the Brother Innovis 27 model, we start talking about bigger words. It’s an all-terrain machine that delivers perfect results. 

    This model is capable of 50 different stitch types, with 5 buttonhole variants and an LCD display that makes it easy to use. 

    11) Brother Innovis 35 (Improved All-Rounder) 

    The Brother Innovis 35 is the big sister of the above model. It is a model that has 70 different stitches, with 7 types of buttonholes in a single step and allows a stitch width of 7 mm.

    12) Brother Innovis 55 (Great for Quilting and Cross Stitch Patterns) 

    This machine is one of the latest novelties of the Brother brand. It is a special edition called “Fashion Edition” which is ideal for patchwork, quilting, and cross stitch patterns. It is also a very versatile machine that you can use for any type of sewing: sheets, zippers, curtains, sleeves, etc.. 

    It is a very simple machine to use, but at the same time, it is equipped with many advanced functionalities. I recommend it both to people who are starting in sewing and to professionals. 

    Of course, this machine has an advanced LCD viewer, automatic threader and includes lighting to work with better vision. 

    Conclusions on Brother Sewing Machines

    I have been fortunate to be able to test several models of industrial Brother sewing machines and I have also been able to test domestic models. The feeling when using your machines is very good. You see good materials and the machines make the task a lot easier.

    Personally, I like the CS10 much more than the X14, as this second one is too simple.

    Brother is an experienced manufacturer of sewing, quilting and embroidery machines. They are machines that have great prestige in the realm of sewing machines. 

    History of the Brother brand

    The company, founded in 1908, began as Yasui Sewing Machine Co. A few years later it was renamed Brother, as we know it today. The brand has built its reputation as a supplier of sewing machines to both the amateur and professional audiences. Each Brother sewing machine has the basic functionalities, and in its catalog, we can find specific machines for sewing, quilting, and embroidery.

    Its machines are aimed at both users who want to learn to sew and those who are professionally engaged. The fact is that the security of the brand is such that it offers a guarantee of up to 25 years for its sewing machines, something that provides a lot of security to the buyer.


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